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The question is which one is
really best for for your kitchen cabinets?
Pull out shelves or deep drawer storage?

Which one is more affordable?  Which is more practical?
pull out shelves verses deep drawer storage pull out shelf

To be completely honest we sell sliding shelves so we are of course biased but we are really trying to be fair and honest with the benefits of pull out shelves and those of deep drawer storage

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Pull-out sliding shelves or deep drawer storage?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both pull out shelves and to deep drawers. Deep drawer storage allows access to your items in one motion, simply pull out the drawer. Pull out shelves require you to first open the cabinet door and then pull out the shelf. Deep drawers tend to be more confining and it can be harder to find items when looking down at the top of them. Short sided pull out shelves allow items such as bowls to hang out over the side and regain some of the space that is lost due to the drawer sides and slides. Deep drawer storage means new cabinets while pull out shelves can be custom made to fit your existing kitchen and bathroom cabinets. One of the main advantages of pull out shelves is that they can be easily installed into almost all cabinets regardless of how old the cabinet is. They even work great in metal cabinets, just use nuts and bolts instead of screws to secure the pullouts. People often add pull out shelves to new cabinet orders as they find it more cost effective than ordering the cabinets with the pullout shelving installed. Many of the on line pull out shelf companies build a product that is not only superior to the ones that many cabinet manufactures offer you can also save $50 to $100 or more per shelf in many cases over what you would pay if you ordered pull out shelves with new cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinet pull out sliding shelving from Shelves that Slide

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