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Kitchen Cabinet deep drawer storage

Deep drawer storage can be a good choice if you are ordering new cabinets in your home. You just open the drawer for access to your pots and pans, no need to open the cabinet door first. Of course your storage is limited to the heights of the drawers so some items will be too tall and most will leave wasted space above or you stack items and then can't see what is on the bottom. It is more common to have the drawers be the uniform in height but your storage needs are more varied than that. One of the reasons that pull out shelves can work better than deep drawer storage is that you can vary the height of the pull out shelves but changing the height of deep drawer storage can be a very expensive undertaking. Another disadvantage of deep drawer storage is the tall sides of the drawers contain items that may have been able to overhang the side of a pull out shelf giving more useable space. Take a look at our link page for websites where you can purchase pull out shelves

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