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Why climb into your cabinets when everything can roll out to you? With custom roll out shelves added to your existing cabinets you can put and end to getting down on your hands and knees. You do not need to do an expensive remodel to your kitchen to add roll-outs. If you can handle a screwdriver you can probably install these rolling shelves into your kitchen cabinets. Most come with or can be ordered with L brackets attached to the slides that let you mount your rolling shelf to your existing cabinet shelf or base. Some of the companies have been in business for over ten years and their design is proven to work. Some rolling shelf companies keep tinkering with their designs to try to overcome past failures. Unfortunately they test their products on their customers and who knows where they will be when the design fails. Many try to take advantage of customer's lack of knowledge about woodworking. Most people have heard that a key thing to look for when shopping for quality furniture is a dovetail joint in the furniture's drawers. These companies make a joint that is only a distant relative of the traditional dovetail joint and it does nothing for the shelf construction. Don't let their attempts to hide the true nature of their shelf fool you. A dovetail joint done properly is a thing of beauty and it is hard to beat when used with solid hardwood but solid hardwood is not a suitable material for construction sliding shelves. For the 9 play 1/2" Birch plywood that most quality companies use for the shelves the dovetail joint is not really beneficial. Watch out for companies that try to sell you a 20" deep shelf for your kitchen cabinet. Most kitchen cabinets measure between 22 1/2" to 23 1/2" inside depth and the correct shelf for them is 22" deep. The 20" slides cost less and there is better wood utilization with 20" deep shelves so they save a few cents. Don't let their attempt to save a few pennies cost you a few inches.

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